Lucius Aelius Verus Caesar (January 13, AD 101 - January 1, AD 138)

Lucius Aelius Verus Caesar became the adopted son and intended successor to Hadrian, but never attained the throne. Aelius was born Lucius Ceionius Commodus Verus; of the gens Ceionius. His father Lucius Ceionius Commodus Verus was consul in AD 106, and his paternal grandfather of the same name was consul in AD 78. His paternal ancestors were from Etruria and of consular rank. His mother was a Roman named Aelia or Fundania Plautia. Augustan history states that his maternal grandfather and his maternal ancestors were of consular rank.

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Aelius 'Salus' Denarius 022861

Rare Aelius 'Salus' Denarius
Silver, 3.34 grams, 19.03 mm. 137 AD. Obverse: L AELIVS CAESAR, bare head right. Reverse: TR POT COS II, SALVS below, Salus seated left extending patera to snake rising from altar and resting left elbow on arm of chair. RSC 43, BMC 994; RIC 440; Sear 3972. Very fine-good very fine fror issue.

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Aelius 'Salus' Denarius 022861

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