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The Inuit people live throughout most of the Canadian Arctic and subarctic: in the territory of Nunavut; the northern third of Quebec, in an area called Nunavik; the coastal region of Labrador, in an area called Nunatsiavut; in various parts of the Northwest Territories, mainly on the coast of the Arctic Ocean and formerly in the Yukon. Collectively these areas are known as Inuit Nunangat. In the US, Alaskan Inupiat live on the North Slope of Alaska and the Seward Peninsula.

Very Rare Alaskan Inuit 'Barbed' Harpoon Tip 016180

Very Rare Alaskan Inuit 'Barbed' Harpoon Tip
Bone, 4.54 grams, 108 mm. Post-Small Tool Tradition, Norton People; Circa 1st century AD. A delicately carved bone harpoon tip, with two major barbs to one side and an eyelet for attachment of a sinew line. The Inuit tradition for spears and harpoons was to have detachable tips fixed to a wood or bone shaft. In use, after the tip had penetrated the prey, the shaft fell away and the prey was 'played' using the barbed tip and a sinew cord. Reference: Emily Elizabeth Auger The Way of Inuit Art. Extremely fine, very rare and perfectly preserved. Provenance: from pre-1960 excavations at Cape Nome, Alaska, with the reference number G-261 on a white panel.

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Very Rare Alaskan Inuit 'Barbed' Harpoon Tip 016180

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