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Ancient Viking jewellery designs inherited the design traditions of the Germanic world under the influences of western European, Byzantine, Insular British and Irish, Anglo-Saxon and Slavonic taste. Viking taste often included bold geometric designs alongside knotwork and animal ornament. Various interpretations of the artistic motifs have been proposed, but any understanding of Viking designs must take into account the desire to impress the viewer. The best pieces of Viking age metalwork were intended to enhance the authority and prestige of the users and owners. Within these pages you will find some enchanting and impressive items produced in Scandinavian and Baltic workshops in the time of the Viking trade networks.

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Viking 'Boar’s Tusk' Bronze Pendant 025417

Viking 'Boar’s Tusk' Bronze Pendant
Bronze, 17 grams, 64 mm. 10th-12th century AD. A boar's tusk mounted in a cast bronze socket with a loop to the top, stamped ring-and-dot decoration to the outer face. Very fine condition. Provenance: property of a Hampshire gentleman; acquired before 1990.

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Viking 'Boar’s Tusk' Bronze Pendant 025417

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