Anglo-Saxon 'Animal-Headed' Fastener 017147

Anglo-Saxon 'Animal-Headed' Fastener 017147
Anglo-Saxon ‘Animal-Headed’ Fastener
Copper-alloy, 6.88 grams, 37.40 mm. 8th century AD. A finely modelled hooked fastener of Mid-Saxon date. The lozengiform plate features a central rosette composed from four chip-carved elliptical panels with interstitial triangles. The ropework border is edged by a frame which develops into three pierced loops (two remaining). From the lower point a short shank emerges, with animal-head detailing. The hooked portion emerges below the animal's mouth. The purpose of the item is probably as a book-mount, belt-mount or fastener rather than as a hooked tag for textile clothing: the end of the hook is thick and rounded whereas clothes tags are normally sharply pointed. Reference: West. S. A Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Finds From Suffolk, East Anglian Archaeology 84, Ipswich, 1998 p.244 fig.1 (Shottisham). Cleaned, conserved and in very fine condition. Provenance: from an old English collection.
This item was accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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