Anglo-Saxon 'Animal-Headed' Pin 011262

Anglo-Saxon 'Animal-Headed' Pin 011262
Excessively Rare Anglo-Saxon ‘Animal-Headed’ Pin
Silver-gilt, 1.89 grams, 66.47 mm. 8th century AD. A beautifully modelled Anglo-Saxon hipped dress pin used to fasten the outer garments of high-status females. Pins of this type were in vogue in the 8th century. The design of the gilded animal head terminal is derived from Insular Style manuscript illustrations such as those in the Lindisfarne Gospels. The eyes are tiny fragments of black glass. The shaft is silver, the bulb placed centrally, with a slight collar above and below to increase its purchase on the textile. A very similar pin is held by the British Museum (M&LA 1989,3-3,1) and published by Webster & Backhouse. Reference: Webster, L. & Backhouse, J. The Making of England. Anglo-Saxon Art and Culture AD 600-900, London, 1991, p.226 item 182. Published: Hammond, Brett. British Artefacts, volume 2 - Middle Saxon & Viking, Witham, 2010. Very fine condition. Provenance: ex Lord Mc Alpine collection. This antiquity is accompanied by an XRF metal test certificate from Oxford X-ray Fluorescence Ltd.


This item is accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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