Anglo-Saxon 'Biconical' Bowl 020410

Anglo-Saxon 'Biconical' Bowl 020410
Anglo-Saxon 'Biconical' Bowl
Ceramic, 620 grams, 110 mm. 5th-7th century. A wheel-thrown biconical bowl or jar in a dark brown fabric with micaceous temper and some burnishing. The vessel lacks the decorative rouletting which is most commonly found on wheel-thrown bowls from Anglo-Saxon grave contexts, but it does feature horizontal scoring on the shoulder. A very similar vessel was recovered from Sarre, Kent and published by Evison. The high-status cemetery at Prittlewell had close links with the area of Canterbury and eastern Kent. Reference: Evison, V.I. Wheel-Thrown Pottery in Anglo-Saxon Graves, Royal Archaeological Institute, London, 1979 p.77 and 14(b). Good condition, some fractures repaired; almost complete. Provenance: found Prittlewell, Essex, England.
This item was accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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