Anglo-Saxon 'Bird of Prey' Openwork Mount 019122

Anglo-Saxon 'Bird of Prey' Openwork Mount 019122
Anglo-Saxon 'Bird of Prey' Openwork Mount
Copper-alloy and gilt, 8.44 grams, 26.24 mm. 10th-11th century AD. An openwork cast D-shaped mount with thick (about 4mm) border in late Anglo-Saxon taste. The central design is a bird with large, three-toed feet and its neck bowed round so that the bird's beak meets the base and the wings are folded along its flanks. The plate is formed with two piercings to accept attachment rivets, both still in situ. The upper edge is a simple hinge with the three elements still present. The rivets' shanks are about 3.5mm long and the cleats are still in place. The small distance between the plate and the cleats and the small size of the plate in relation to the hinge suggest that the mount was probably attached to a leather purse or pouch. Reference: cf. the 11th century openwork mount from St. Albans and the openwork strap ends from Winchester in Webster, L & Backhouse, J. The Making of England. Anglo-Saxon Art and Culture AD 600- 900, London, 1991, p.96 and 111. Very fine condition. Provenance: from an old English collection.


This item is accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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