Anglo-Saxon 'Class Aii ' Button Brooch 019807

Anglo-Saxon 'Class Aii ' Button Brooch 019807
Anglo-Saxon 'Class Aii' Button Brooch
Copper-alloy, 1.82 grams, 17.84 mm. 5th-6th century AD. A button brooch of Avent and Evison's Class Aii showing the chevron above the brow, circular eyes and mouth emerging from a cast ridge. Traces of gilding remain on the surface. The pin-lug and catchplate are in place on the reverse within a ferrous clump which is the remains of the pin. Reference: similar to the example from Sarre, Kent in Avent, R. and Evison, V.I. Anglo-Saxon Button Brooches Archaeologia vol.CVII, 1982, plate XIV item 27.1. Fine condition. Provenance: found Essex.
This item was accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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