Anglo-Saxon 'D-Profile' Buckle 019514

Anglo-Saxon 'D-Profile' Buckle 019514
Anglo-Saxon 'D-Profile' Buckle
Copper-alloy, 3.08 grams, 20.44 mm. 10th-11th century AD. A delicate buckle formed as a dished D-shaped loop with thickened disc terminals and a thin rear bar. The tongue is a broad, flat triangle looped around the bar. The outer edge of the loop is decorated with cast linear ornament in a Scandinavian-influenced style. Reference: cf. the earlier Anglo-Saxon buckle from Barrington A, Cambridgeshire in MacGregor, A. & Bolick, E. A Summary Catalogue of the Anglo-Saxon Collections (Non-Ferrous Metals), Oxford, 1993, p.206 item 34.66. Very fine condition. Provenance: found Yorkshire, England.
This item was accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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