Anglo-Saxon 'Discoid' Hooked Tag 018200

Anglo-Saxon 'Discoid' Hooked Tag 018200
Anglo-Saxon 'Discoid' Hooked Tag
Silver, 0.66 grams, 21.04 mm. 8th century AD. Hooked tags were used to fasten a variety of openings on Anglo-Saxon costume, including leg-bindings, purses and cuffs. The present piece comprises a discoid plate with two pierced attachment points, developing into a round-section hook. The rounded form seen on this piece developed alongside the triangular type of tag. The use of silver and the lack of decoration suggest an early 8th century date for the piece. Reference: MacGregor, A. & Bolick, E. A Summary Catalogue of the Anglo-Saxon Collections (Non-Ferrous Metals), BAR British Series 230, 1993, p.190 item 32.5. Very fine condition. Provenance: from an old English collection formed before 1950.


This item is accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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