Anglo-Saxon 'Domed Rivets' Plate Brooch 020440

Anglo-Saxon 'Domed Rivets' Plate Brooch 020440
Extremely Rare Anglo-Saxon 'Domed Rivets' Plate Brooch
Gilt copper-alloy, 10.98 grams, 38.99 mm. 10th-11th century AD. A lozengiform plate brooch with radiating floral decoration, heavily gilded. At the centre and at the middle of each of the sides is placed a large silver domed rivet, forming a quincunx pattern. The pin and pin-lug are in place on the reverse; the attachment point for the missing catchplate can be discerned. The decoration of the brooch is typical of the Late Anglo-Saxon Winchester Style, seen in manuscripts such as the Ramsey Psalter. Prominent domed rivets are found on contemporary high-status objects such as the Sutton (Isle of Ely) brooch. Reference: Backhouse, J., Turner, D.H., Webster, L. The Golden Age of Anglo-Saxon Art 966-1066, London, 1984. Good fine condition. Provenance: found Suffolk, England.


This item is accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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