Anglo-Saxon 'Filigree' Zoomorphic Strap End 014406

Anglo-Saxon 'Filigree' Zoomorphic Strap End 014406
Anglo-Saxon 'Filigree' Zoomorphic Strap End
Copper-alloy, 7.17 grams 41.36 mm. 8th century AD. The strap end is of the split-end type with two rivet-holes, one of which is still present. The upper field is divided into three triangular panels, the outer two of which develop from looped beast’s ears. Below these the central nasal extends down to a bulbous terminal, with two lateral elliptical panels bearings roundels for the eyes. On the three upper panels and the nasal there are remains of very delicate silver filigree and niello panels in complex scrolled patterns. Reference: Smith, R.A. British Museum Guide to Anglo-Saxon Antiquities, London, 1923, p.107, fig.131 and compare the beast motif atop the nasal of the Coppergate helmet in Webster, L & Backhouse, J. The Making of England. Anglo-Saxon Art and Culture AD 600-900, London, 1991, p.60-2 fig.47 (detail). Good very fine condition.
This item was accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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