Anglo-Saxon 'Geometric' Hanging Bowl Mount 021484

Anglo-Saxon 'Geometric' Hanging Bowl Mount 021484
Extremely Rare Anglo-Saxon 'Geometric' Hanging Bowl Mount
Copper-alloy, 16.40 grams, 38.0 mm diameter. Circa 6th-7th century AD. A convex disc with geometric ornament in champ levee technique, forming the central motif of a hanging bowl mount (the frame and hook missing). The motif is a repeated ellipsis forming six-petalled flowers across the surface. The background texture suggests a red or pink enamel field, with the design reserved against this. Reference: cf. similar plate (but with La Tène design) in West. S. A Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Finds From Suffolk, East Anglian Archaeology 84, Ipswich, 1998, p.122 item 59. Very fine condition. Provenance: found Thetford, Norfolk, 1991.
This item was accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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