Anglo-Saxon 'Giant Square-Headed' Bow Brooch 011258

Anglo-Saxon 'Giant Square-Headed' Bow Brooch 011258
Anglo-Saxon 'Giant Square-Headed' Bow Brooch
Copper-alloy, 60 grams; 129.07 mm, 5.080 inches. Circa 6th-7th Century A.D. This beautiful example has openwork borders around the square head plate and to the sides of the footplate; the design around the head frame is made up from trefoils of circles resting on triangular steps to form stylized faces. The decoration of the first head panel consists of gold chip-carved decoration in the form of inter-locking lines and shapes that represent entwined beasts or birds; the next panel within the first is of a more simple design with scrolled lines around an outward looking face that connects the head section to the bow. The bow has a deep arch with a central rib through to the foot plate section that terminates at the base of the bow with the head of a beast then continues down to the end of the foot plate. The panels on the bow are once again decorated with the same gold chip carved design as the head plate, this follows on down the brooch to the foot section. The top part of the foot plate is flanked by two open work beasts with curled necks and open mouths, below these are two lobs with gold chip carved centers of a shell style design. The terminal section of the foot plate has a head which looks back up the length of the brooch with large eyes and mouth wide open, below the face is another beast’s head that connects to the central rib. Various details of the decoration of this brooch are similar to those on brooches from Scandinavia and Continental Europe. Both the English and Continental examples were probably copied from Scandinavian prototypes, and this is one of a number of such brooches that is evidence of Scandinavian influence on Saxon areas of settlement in England. Ref: John Hines, M.A., D. Phil. F.S.A, A New Corpus of Anglo Saxon Great Square Headed Brooches, plate 14,b. Similar styles are referenced in; R.A. Smith’s British Museum Guide to Anglo Saxon Antiquities 1923. Published: Hammond, Brett. British Artefacts, volume I - Early Anglo-Saxon. Rare and in extremely fine condition with the majority of the gold chip carving still intact. Found Cambridgeshire.
This item was accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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