Anglo-Saxon 'Human Mask' Brooch Master 019507

Anglo-Saxon 'Human Mask' Brooch Master 019507
Rare Anglo-Saxon 'Human Mask' Brooch Master
Lead, 3.20 grams, 22.66 mm. 5th-6th century AD. The more complex forms of Anglo-Saxon brooch were created by working on the design elements individually in wax, then casting soft lead versions from which the mould could be made for the whole brooch. The lead castings rarely survive, presumably because they were periodically melted down as fashions changed and new design elements were required. The present piece is a rare example of such a lead casting, probably intended for a great square-headed brooch, with the casting channel on the reverse. Reference: the present piece resembles the side extension of the footplate on plate 33(a) Little Wilbraham (Cambridgeshire) in Hines, J. A New Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Great Square-Headed Brooches, Woodbridge, 1997 and Pollington. S., Kerr, L. and Hammond, B. Wayland's Work - Anglo-Saxon Art, Myth and Material Culture from the 4th to the 7th Century, Swaffham, 2010. Very fine condition. Provenance: found Stamford Bridge, Yorkshire, England.
This item was accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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