Anglo-Saxon 'Insular Style' Mount 5000

Anglo-Saxon 'Insular Style' Mount 5000
Anglo-Saxon 'Insular Style' Mount
Copper-alloy, 1.18 grams, 21.94 mm. Circa 7th-8th century AD. The mount comprises a rectangular base with two lateral additions in the form of tall gilded spiral cells. The upper and lower terminals are cabochon settings, one with the blue glass insert still in place. The central panel is a gold rectangle with fine gold filigree decoration in the Insular Style. The interlace is reminiscent of the decoration on the outer rim of the largest brooch in the 8th century Pentney hoard, though lacking the zoomorphic element. Reference: Backhouse, J. Turner, D.H. & Webster, L. The Golden Age of Anglo-Saxon Art 966-1066, London, 1984, p.229-31 item187(e) and cf. Cramp. R. Grammar of Anglo-Saxon Ornament Oxford, 1984, p.xxxii. Published: Hammond, Brett. British Artefacts, volume 2 - Middle Saxon & Viking, Witham, 2010. Good very fine condition.


This item is accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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