Anglo-Saxon 'Knotwork' Buckle and Plate 010409

Anglo-Saxon 'Knotwork' Buckle and Plate 010409
Rare Anglo-Saxon 'Knotwork' Buckle and Plate
Copper-alloy, 21.99 grams, 73.10 mm. 6th century. A fine early Anglo-Saxon buckle and plate complete with its iron pin. This excellently preserved piece has most of its heavy silver plating still intact. The design is visible on the centre panel of the buckle plate: a rectilinear knotwork design. The iron pin and hinge between the buckle and plate are intact and stable. Reference: Marzinzik, S. Early Anglo-Saxon Belt Buckles (Late 5th to Early 8th Centuries A.D.). Their Classification and Context BAR British Series 357, Oxford, 2003, pl.87. Published: Hammond, Brett. British Artefacts, volume I - Early Anglo-Saxon. Very fine condition. Found Lincolnshire.
This item was accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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