Anglo-Saxon 'Knotwork' Domed Mount 021415

Anglo-Saxon 'Knotwork' Domed Mount 021415
Very Rare Anglo-Saxon 'Knotwork' Domed Mount
Copper-alloy gilt, 8.81 grams, 31.21 mm diameter. Circa 8th century AD. A discoid mount with domed central section, pierced to accept an attachment rivet. The flange is decorated with two panels of gilded chip-carved knotwork in the Insular Style, with a third panel of three-band zoomorphic ribbon-beast at the top. The central hole is surrounded by a plain double-border which extends between the chip-carved panels to the outer edge. Reference: documented with the Portable Antiquities Scheme under reference SOMDOR-216202. Fine condition. Provenance: found Charminster, Dorset, England.


This item is accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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