Anglo-Saxon 'Knotwork' Mount 022094

Anglo-Saxon 'Knotwork' Mount 022094
Anglo-Saxon 'Knotwork' Mount
Gilt copper-alloy, 12.18 grams, 31.19 mm. Circa 7th century AD. A cast disc mount formed with a broad thickened rim, flat field and central boss. The inner face of the rim and outer face of the boss are beaded. The field bears a three-line knotwork design. On the reverse are soldering scars indicating that the mount had been re-used as a disc brooch. The gilding is heavy and mostly present. Reference: cf. Hammond, B. British Artefacts vol.2 - Middle Saxon and Viking, Witham, 2010 item 1.6-c (ungilded). Very fine condition. Provenance: found Suffolk, England.
This item was accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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