Anglo-Saxon 'Raven Heads' Gold Chip-Carved Pelta Mount 025846

Anglo-Saxon 'Raven Heads' Gold Chip-Carved Pelta Mount 025846
Scarce Anglo-Saxon ‘Raven Heads’ Gold Chip-Carved Pelta Mount
Gilt-Bronze, 9.20 grams, 33.31 mm. 6th-7th century AD. A cast gilt-bronze mount formed as a vertical bar and D-shaped head with zoomorphic terminals; the border billeted enclosing a panel of three-band knotwork; the shoulders terminating in profile raven heads with scrolled beaks; three attachment pins to the reverse. Similar mounts have been found in the contexts of high-status horse bridles e.g. the burial in Mound 17 at Sutton Hoo in Carver, M. Sutton Hoo. A Seventh Century Princely Burial Ground and its Context, fig.110 item 21a. Reference: cf. the pelta mount from Barham, Suffolk in West, S. A Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Finds From Suffolk, fig.7(70). Very fine condition. Provenance: from a Nottinghamshire collection; found near Eyke, Suffolk, UK.
This item was accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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