Anglo-Saxon 'Ring-and-Dot' Ansate Brooch 019339

Anglo-Saxon 'Ring-and-Dot' Ansate Brooch 019339
Anglo-Saxon 'Ring-and-Dot' Ansate Brooch
Copper-alloy, 5.50 grams, 46.14 mm. 8th-9th century AD. The ansate brooch was a Middle Saxon development of the Germanic equal-arm brooch, consisting of a bow joining two symmetrical end plates with similar decoration. The present example comprises two rhomboid plates with dagged outer edges joined by a shallow bow. The decoration comprises a cluster of ring-and-dot designs next to the bow with a further central pair extending to the outer edge and a single example on the bow. On the reverse the catchplate is complete and in place; the pin lug was broken in antiquity. Reference: cf. West. S. A Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Finds From Suffolk, East Anglian Archaeology 84, Ipswich, 1998 p.119 fig.3, p.128 fig.3and p.216. Published: Hammond, Brett. British Artefacts, volume 2 - Middle Saxon & Viking, Witham, 2010. Extremely fine condition. Provenance: found Hampshire, England.
This item was accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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