Anglo-Saxon 'Sub-group III' Great Square Headed Brooch 021309

Anglo-Saxon 'Sub-group III' Great Square Headed Brooch 021309
Anglo-Saxon 'Sub-group III' Great Square-Headed Brooch
Copper-alloy gilt, 51.68 grams, 131 mm. 5th-6th century AD. A cast copper-alloy great square-headed brooch of sub-group iii with rectangular headplate, shallow bow and lozengiform foot. The headplate has a square panel above the bow bearing a Style I animal, flanked by wings (one present) formed with zoomorphic elements and a plain outer border. The bow is provided with raised edges, a central strip and square stud. The footplate is lozengiform, with addorsed animal-head lappets at the junction with the bow and segmented borders running to the terminal. A pair of discoid plates (one missing) form the side-lobes and a larger one forms the terminal lobe. The surface retains some gilding. On the reverse, the pin-lug and catchplate are in place. The brooch's surface is detailed with Style I motifs and the designs are modelled clearly. Reference: cf. the examples from Lechlade grave 57 (headplate masks), Great Chesterford (lobes), Broughton Lodge (bow), Berinsfield grave 107 (footplate) in Hines, J. A New Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Great Square-Headed Brooches, Woodbridge, 1997 plates 8b, 53a, 77a, 92a. Fine condition, repaired. Provenance: found County Durham.


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