Anglo-Saxon 'Tonsured Bust' Disc Brooch 007191

Anglo-Saxon 'Tonsured Bust' Disc Brooch 007191
Anglo-Saxon 'Tonsured Bust' Disc Brooch
Copper-alloy, 4.21 grams, 20.12 mm. An unusual and rare type: within a border of three concentric circles, a ‘tonsured’ bust is depicted. Such busts are confined to the issues of leading churchmen, such as Wulfred, archbishop of Canterbury (fl.805-32). Full-face male busts on disc are associated with Saxon button brooches. However, while the motif could be viewed as a simplified form of the standard male face (e.g. Avent & Evison, pl.XVII 26.2, 26.3), button brooches are a 5th to 6th century fastener type, and the lack of an everted rim suggests that this is a later disc brooch, probably a nummular type with a central motif based on a coin design. Nummular brooches are a 9th century fashion, which strengthens the connection to Wulfred or one of his contemporaries. Reference: Avent, R. & Evison, V.I. Anglo-Saxon Button Brooches in Archaeologia, vol.CVII, 1982 ; Abramson, T. Sceattas: An Illustrated Guide p.75, Series Q1G, item Q1X800. Published: Hammond, Brett. British Artefacts, volume I - Early Anglo-Saxon. Very fine condition. Found Norfolk.
This item was accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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