Anglo-Saxon 'Trefoil' Small-Long Brooch 024943

Anglo-Saxon 'Trefoil' Small-Long Brooch 024943
Anglo-Saxon 'Trefoil' Small-Long Brooch
Copper-alloy, 14.41 grams, 61.37 mm. 6th century AD. A sturdy small-long bow brooch. The headplate is square with three rectangular extensions, each with transverse ribbing at the base. The bow is rectangular in section, the footplate ribbed with chamfered edges. The finial is a D-shaped plaque. To the reverse, the pin-lug and catchplate are in place. The head of the brooch is a slender example of the trefoil format which appears regularly on this class of brooch. Reference: MacGregor, A. & Bolick, E. A Summary Catalogue of the Anglo-Saxon Collections (Non-Ferrous Metals), Oxford, 1993 item 15.52. Very fine condition, pin-lug broken. Provenance: found Wiltshire, UK.

This item was accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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