Anglo-Saxon 'Triangular' Tweezers 023024

Anglo-Saxon 'Triangular' Tweezers 023024
Superb Anglo-Saxon 'Triangular' Tweezers
Copper-alloy, 4.93 grams, 58.02 mm. Circa 6th century AD. A finely made pair of tweezers with broad gripping edges and D-section shanks. The tweezers are formed from a single metal casting with the separate suspension ring knotted through the upper of the slot. The upper end of each shank is decorated with a transverse-ribbed section above a flat panel with punched ring-and-dot designs - four to one face and five to the other. Close to the lower edge on each face is a group of four punched ring-and-dot motifs. Reference: MacGregor, A. & Bolick, E. A Summary Catalogue of the Anglo-Saxon Collections (Non-Ferrous Metals), Oxford, 1993 item 38.15 and cf. the find from Barham in West. S. A Corpus of Anglo-Saxon Finds From Suffolk, East Anglian Archaeology 84, Ipswich, 1998 fig.6 item 51. Extremely fine condition. Provenance: found East Angla, UK.
This item was accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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