Aquilia Severa (Married to Elagalabus in 220 AD)

Julia Aquilia Severa was the second and fourth wife of Emperor Elagabalus. She was the daughter of Quintus Aquilius, twice consul under Caracalla. The praenomen of Julia was given to her after becoming an empress. Severa was a Vestal Virgin. As such, her marriage to Elagabalus in 220 was the cause of enormous controversy.

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Aquilia Severa 'Elagabalus and Aquilia' Denarius 017671

Aquilia Severa 'Elagabalus and Aquilia' Denarius
Silver, 2.16 grams, 18.55 mm. Rome. 219-220 AD. Obverse: IVLIA AQVILIA SEVERA AVG, diademed and draped bust right. Reverse: CONCORDIA, Elagabalus and Aquilia standing facing each other, clasping hands, star in lower centre between them. RIC 228, RSC 6, BMC 337; Sear 7680. Good-fine.

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Aquilia Severa 'Elagabalus and Aquilia' Denarius 017671

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