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These people inhabited the country centred on the modern counties of Berkshire and Oxfordshire. Originally from Gaul, their Continental predecessors had in 56 BC joined forces with their neighbours the Nervii to field 15,000 tribesmen in opposition to Julius Caesar. During the expeditions of 55 and 54 BC, Commius was to take a central role as Caesar's ambassador to the British tribes who opposed the Roman general. Commius was later to turn against his former friend and led the Atrebates in an unsuccessful attempt to relieve Vercingatorix during the siege of Alesia in September 52 BC. Now the enemy of Caesar, Commius fled the continent in 51 BC, and with his retinue made for Britain, where his descendants were destined to rule part of the island until the coming of Rome in 43 AD.

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Iron Age Belgae 'Danebury Rings' Celtic Silver Unit 027050

Excessively Rare Iron Age Belgae 'Danebury Rings' Celtic Silver Unit
Silver, 0.46 grams, 11.30 mm. Circa 1st century BC. Obverse: profile bust left. Reverse: horse right, rings around. VA -; S. -; BMC 613; AL -; M -; BMJ 1990 no. 133; ABC 860. Fine. Ex Chris Rudd.

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Iron Age Belgae 'Danebury Rings' Celtic Silver Unit 027050

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