Balbinus (April to July, AD 238)

Decimus Caelius Calvinus Balbinus, born about AD 165, was joint Roman Emperor with Pupienus between April and July of 238, the Year of the Six Emperors. He was a patrician from birth, and the son (either by birth or adoption) of Caelius Calvinus, who was legate of Cappadocia in AD 184. He had been twice consul. His first consulate is not certainly known, but believed to have been about AD 203; he was consul for the second time in AD 213 as colleague of Caracalla, which suggests he enjoyed that emperor's favour. When the Gordians were proclaimed Emperors in Africa, the Senate appointed a committee of twenty men, including Balbinus, to co-ordinate operations against Maximinus Thrax. On the news of the Gordians' defeat, the Senate met in closed session in the Temple of Jupiter and voted Pupienus and Balbinus as co-emperors, though they were soon forced to co-opt the child Gordian III as a colleague.

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Balbinus 'Clasped Hands' Antoninianus 008377

Rare Balbinus 'Clasped Hands' Denarius
Silver, 4.05 grams; 23.18 mm. Rome, 238 A.D. Obverse: IMP CAES D CAEL BALBINVS AVG, Radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right. Reverse: FIDES MVTVA AVGG, Clasped right hands. RIC 11; BMCRE 71; RSC 6; RCV 8485. Good extremely fine, virtually as struck and Uncirculated.

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Balbinus 'Clasped Hands' Antoninianus 008377

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