A bonanza of buttons [Coin News, December 2008, Page 16]
by Brett Hammond of TimeLine Originals

More than a dozen hopefuls clutching ornate buttons have so far contacted TimeLine Originals following our report about a button identified as a valuable coin. The first one came to light earlier this year when a woman who found it in an old button jar showed it to Brett Hammond of TimeLine Originals. He spotted at once that the button was, in fact, an Anglo-Saxon sceatta dating from the 8th century. "Since then, we've had callers from as far as Southend describing finds from old drawers and cupboards", Brett Hammond told us. "No more Anglo-Saxon surprises, I'm afraid. But we have had news of a couple interesting 17th century tokens, several Charles the First rose farthings and some miniature pieces the owner told us her grandmother had used as money in an Edwardian toy post-office. All a long way from the ancient stock we buy and sell every day at TimeLine Originals, but it does confirm a widespread fascination with old coins. Some of these inquisitive people might now become serious collectors and visit our website to buy from us."

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