Sensational AS Gold Coin Pendant [The Searcher, December 2009, Page 8]
by Brett Hammond of TimeLine Originals

When Essex researcher Stuart Silvey dropped into TimeLine Originals offices with some recent finds, we little expected to see, among the modern milled coins, a remarkable gold pendant he had found while detecting near Bursted, near Billericay.

The coin appears to be a copy of an issue of Anastasius I who ruled. 491 and 530/1AD.

Unusually, it had not been pierced to take a ring, but a tiny three-ribbed gold loop has been soldered on above the emperor's bust. This immediately recalled the similarly mounted coins in the Ashmolean, Oxford, and suggested an early Anglo-Saxon date. We naturally congratulated Stuart on his sensational find and advised him about the legal procedure for reporting it to Essex FLO. Stuart is now waiting to hear back from the PAS
The pendant is potentially very important because of the link to the Sutton Hoo treasure, some 50 miles distant, in which a diplomatic gift of silver tableware from this same emperor was buried. Gifts from his court weve evidently still circulating in northern Europe a century after his death in the diplomatic exchanges of the 6th and 7th century. Stuart's find may cast new light on the relations of the East Anglian kings to their neighbours at this time.

by Brett Hammond

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