TimeLine Scales New Heights for Children's Hospital
[The Searcher, January 2011, Page 12]
Late September 2010 Brett Hammond CEO of TimeLine Originals, tackled an even bigger challenge than usual

In late September Brett Hammond, CEO of TimeLine Originals, based in Upminster, tackled an even bigger challenge than usual: he took part in a ten-man expedition to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, East Africa, as part of the company's ongoing sponsorship of London's Great Ormond Street Hospital. (GOSH)

The expedition tackled the mountain at 5895 metres by the arduous Western Breach approach rather than the more usual trekking routes.

The ascent was accomplished with experienced guides; this is essential due to the altitude, low temperatures and high winds which make the mountain a very challenging environment.

TimeLines has a tradition of sponsoring the children's hospital, which is the UK's foremost centre of pediatric care and research into childhood illness; it trains a great many specialist pedriatic nurses to spread the highest standards in care.

Up to going to press they raised over 2,000, (not including donations they sent directly to GOSH). However, if you would like to join TimeLine in supporting this invaluable healthcare resource, visit the hospital's website: www.gosh.org/donate.

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