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The Bronze Age period is a civilization's development when the most advanced metalworking consisted of techniques for smelting copper and tin from naturally occurring outcroppings of ore, and then alloying those metals in order to cast bronze. In Europe, the bronze age follows the Neolithic period, but in most parts of Sub-Saharan Africa, the Neolithic is directly followed by the 'iron age'. Please choose from the Links below to review our selection of Bronze Age Antiquities. We are regularly adding to our collection of Bronze Age Antiquities and other Artifacts. Please re-visit soon to see what new items we have in stock.
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How old is the Bronze Age?

The earliest known cast bronze age antiquities are from what is now Iran and Iraq and date to the late 4th millennium B.C., but there are claims of an earlier appearance of Bronze antiquities made in Thailand in the 5th millennium B.C. Arsenical bronzes were made in Anatolia and on both sides of the Caucasus by the early 3rd millennium B.C. Some scholars date some arsenical bronze artefacts of the Maykop culture in the North Caucasus as far back as the mid 4th millennium B.C., which would make them the oldest known bronzes, but others date the same Maykop artefacts to the mid 3rd millennium B.C.

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