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An example of a Gold Celtic Coin we have sold recently:

Cunobelin 'Butting Bull' Bronze Unit Celtic Coin 005479

Exquisite Cunobelin 'Butting Bull' Unit
Bronze, 2.34 grams; 15.39 mm. Obverse: Helmeted bust of Cunobelin left, CVNOB[ELIN] REX around anti-clockwise. Reverse: A superbly detailed butting bull right, with TASC below the exergue line. Celtic Coin Index Registration Number at Oxford University: CCI 06.0253. VA 2095; M246; BMC 1944-51. Extremely fine condition with a stunning bull. Found Cambridgeshire 2006.

Dr Philip De Jersey writes: "This is nice, in fact the reverse is probably the best one of these for a long time. As you'll be well aware VA 2095 is not a rare type, but it is rare with the detail as fine as this on the bull."

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Cunobelin 'Butting Bull' Bronze Unit Celtic Coin 005479

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