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Dvromernum Cantiacorvm, the Cantiaci tribal capital, was served by a port three miles down the Stour at Fordwich. Amminus (Adminius) apparently minted a coin with a Durovernon mint-mark. The capital was located in Canterbury and their territory was Cantium now known as Kent. Caesar thought them the most civilized tribe in Britain, and recorded four kings, each ruling a minor kingdom; Cingetorix, Carvilius, Taximagulas, Segovax. Strong Belgic influence.

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British Cantiaci 'Crescent Bull' Cast Potin 015026

Extremely Rare British Cantiaci 'Crescent Bull' Cast Potin
Copper-alloy, 1.42 grams; 18.53 mm. Circa 1st century BC. Obverse: abstract head facing left. Reverse: outline bull right, two crescents in exergue. Reference: VA 127, BMC 668-69, 685; EvH1; Al.K; M. -; S 63; ABC 168. Extremely fine/fine. Listed as extremely rare in Ancient British Coins by Chris Rudd.

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British Cantiaci 'Crescent Bull' Cast Potin 015026

Dubnovellaunus (Late 1st Century BC.)

Perhaps one of several kings of the Cantiaci in the latter half of the first century BC., but certainly the first to issue inscribed coins. Towards the end of his period of rule, before the coins of Eppillus appeared on the scene in the initial years of the first century AD., other nobles issued inscribed coinage in Cantium. He could feasibly have been the second suppliant British king mentioned in the Augustan records.

Dubnovellaunus 011643

Extremely Rare Dubnovellaunus in Kent 'Horned Beast' Silver Unit
Silver, 0.84 grams; 13.20 mm. Circa 17-10 B.C. Obverse: Horned animal left within rope style boarder, fan-like object above animal and pellet in ring motif below. Reverse: Metal worker seated left on cushion holding hammer, pellet in ring motif in front with DVBNO behind. Celtic Coin Index Registration Number at Oxford University: CCI 98.2328. VA 178-1; S 180. Extremely fine and recorded as extremely rare in Van Arsdell’s Celtic Coinage of Britain. Found Kent.

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Dubnovellaunus 011643

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