Carausius (AD 287 - AD 293)

The most important rebel of this period. Marcus Aurelius Mausaeus Carausius was a military commander of the Roman Empire in the 3rd century. He proclaimed himself emperor and sailed to Britain, where he defeated the forces of the governor and took possession. He did this only 13 years after the Gallic Empire of the Batavian Postumus was ended in 273. He held power for seven years, before being assassinated by his finance minister Allectus.

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Carausius 'Laetitia' Antoninianus 022334

Excessively Rare Variety Carausius 'Laetitia' Antoninianus
Bronze, 3.53 grams, 23.18 mm. Uncertain British Mint. 287-293 AD. Obverse: IMP CARAVSIVS P AVG, radiate and draped bust right. Reverse: LAETITIA AVG, Laetitia (whose head appears to have fallen off) standing left, holding baton and cornucopiae. RIC V-2, 821 var (rev. legend with this obv. legend); Sear -. Neither RIC nor Webb list a coin with this obverse legend / reverse type combination. Good fine-very fine. A significant coin which has been published on

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Carausius 'Laetitia' Antoninianus 022334
Carausius 'Moneta' Antoninianus 014821b

Scarce Carausius 'Moneta' Antoninianus
Bronze, 2.42 grams, 21.66 mm. London. AD 287-293. Obverse: IMP CARAVSIVS PF AVG, radiate, draped, cuirassed bust right. Reverse: MONETA AVG, Moneta standing left, holding scales and cornucopiae. Mintmark ML. RIC V-2, London 91; cf Sear 13629 (mint). Good.

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Carausius 'Moneta' Antoninianus 014821b
Carausius 'Salus' Antoninianus 023114

Rare Carausius 'Salus' Antoninianus
Bronze, 1.66 gr, 18.95 mm. 287-293 AD. London mint. Obverse: IMP CARAVSIVS PF AVG, radiate, draped and cuirassed bust right. Reverse: SALVS AVG, Salus standing left by altar, holding patera, feeding serpent rising from the altar, and holding cornucopiae. Mintmark: MI. RIC V-2, London 159; not in Sear with this mintmark (cf Sear 13709-13711, 13715). Rare. good fine. A significant coin which has been published on

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Carausius 'Salus' Antoninianus 023114

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