Celtic (Iron Age) Antiquities for Sale

The Celts lived to the north of the Alps in which is now southern Germany and eastern France from about 500 B.C. They spoke a language, which was ancestral to our Celtic languages of today Breton, Gaelic, Irish and Welsh. As a people the Celts were called Keltai (or Keltoi) and Galatai by the Greeks, and Celtae, Galli and Galatae by the Romans, though we cannot be sure by what name they described themselves. They were mobile folk, raiding and in some cases settling far from home. Various reasons are given for these migrations, which began about 400 B.C over population, search for a better climate or, as they were warriors, a delight in war and booty. We are regularly adding to our collection of Celtic brooches, mounts, chariot fittings and other antiquities. Please choose from the links above to review our selection of Celtic antiquities for sale.
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