Celtic 'Chariot' Fittings Burial Group 010089

Celtic 'Chariot' Fittings Burial Group 010089
Celtic 'Chariot' Burial Group
Copper alloy, 1.73 Kg; terrets 5 1/2 - 6 1/4 inch. Mid 1st Century A.D. An extremely large and rare set of Iron age terret fittings from a Romano-Celtic warrior’s 'Biga', with British upturned crescent design. There are two large ornate reign guide fittings from the yoke; one large central terret pole from the front of the chariot; two front bar mounts; and two decorative wheel caps. A rare group of artefacts from a high status chariot burial. The contents of this chariot grave would probably have come from a rectangular barrow which was an integral part of the chariot complex. There would have been a mortuary house associated with the funerary ritual, probably allied to the chariot grave. There would have been other pits and structures, all with burial goods associated with the complex. It is considered likely the mortuary house was linked with the funerary ritual of the chariot complex and probably housed the body during the funebrial [sic; funereal] feast and ritual prior to burial in the chariot barrow’s grave. Ref: Design similar to inferior examples in Benet's Artefacts p 92-93, I150111 & I150112. From the deceased estate of Jennifer Simmonds, a dealer and collector of coins and archaeological artefacts, who traded under the name of "Jennie the Pedlar". Sold at Jacobs & Hunt auctioneers, Petersfield, Hants. Reputed to have been excavated near Viables in Hampshire at the end of the 19th Century. A massive group of artefacts with a superb silky green patination. A beautifully preserved group.


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