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Our Commitment to the further Study of our Iron Age history

By purchasing a Celtic coin from Time Line Originals you ensure that the coin has been correctly identified and recorded with Dr Philip de Jersey at the Celtic Coin Index at Oxford University [CCI] when possible. The coin's images along with its measurements and find spot will have been accurately recorded and a unique registration number issued. This will enable the information to be used for research purposes in the future. The Celtic Coin Index is now a collection of more than 34,000 images of Celtic coins found in Britain. For further information on the index and Celtic coins in general, click on the Celtic Coin Index Link below or contact:

Dr John Sills or Dr Philip de Jersey
Institute of Archaeology
36 Beaumont Street
Oxford OX1 2PG
United Kingdom
tel. 01865 278240
fax. 01865 278254

The online Celtic Coin Index

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