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Contemporary descriptions of Celtic Iron Age warriors stress the ferocity and fervour of their attack; classical writers regarded this as typical of barbarian peoples who knew no better than to throw themselves on their enemies' spears, and if the attack foundered thay had no plan of retreat or regrouping. Ideas such as these circulated widely in the Roman world, but nevertheless the Romans always retained a healthy respect for the peoples of Central Europe (Celts, Germani, Dacians and others). Iron Age warriors used long, heavy slashing swords, short thrusting daggers, leaf-shaped spearheads for offence, and broad shields, tall helmets and shirts of mail for defence. Alongside the horse-borne warriors there were charioteers and infantry formations, who signalled using the carnyx, a kind of trumpet with a zoomorphic design.

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Celtic 'Enamelled' Dagger Pommel 011105

Scarce Celtic 'Enamelled' Dagger Pommel
Copper-alloy, 6.34 grams, 18.47 mm diameter. Circa 1st century BC. Of cast form, in the general shape of a cone with a central piercing for affixing it. With two crescent and two triangular recesses containing red enamel. The hollow base containing remains of a fill compound. Reference: Benet Artefacts of England and the United Kingdom, pages 58-59 for a few very similar examples. A scarce item in very fine condition.

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Celtic 'Enamelled' Dagger Pommel 011105

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