Chronologie der Didrachmenpragung von Tarent

Chronologie der Didrachmenpragung von Tarent

FISCHER-BOSSERT W   Chronologie der Didrachmenpragung von Tarent
1999. Xviii, 496 pages, map, 84 plates. Text in German, with concordances and cross-references to other important collections. Casebound. This monumental work (the doctoral thesis of the author) represents a thorough study of the silver didrachms (or nomoi) of Tarentum, the most important coinage of Greek Southern Italy from the late sixth to mid-third centuries BC. Fischer-Bossert's work privides the thorough die analyses and detailed chronology that until now has been lacking for the issues of Tarentum from 510 to 280 BC. Hundreds of quality photographs detail every known die combination, and hoard analysis lends weight to the chronology. A highly important work for the student and collector of the coinage of Magna Graeca.
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