City Commemoratives (AD 330 - AD 346)

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Constantinopolis 'Victory on Prow' Follis 023827

Very Rare (R4) Constantinopolis 'Victory on Prow' Follis
Bronze, 2.43 grams, 17.62 mm. Cyzicus. 330-333 AD. Obverse: CONSTAN-TINOPOLI, pearl-diademed, helmeted bust of Constantinopolis left, wearing imperial mantle, holding reversed spear. Reverse: no legend, Victory standing facing, head left, foot on prow, holding sceptre and resting hand on shield. Mintmark SMK delta. RIC VII Cyzicus 93; Sear 16477. Good very fine. A significant coin which has been published on

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Constantinopolis 'Victory on Prow' Follis 023827

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