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Henry IV Gold Quarter Noble 007677

Henry IV 'Stars' Gold Quarter Noble
Gold, 1.69 grams; 19.43 mm. Type A, Light coinage - in 1412 the standard weight of coinage were reduced, the noble by 12 grains, partly because there was a scarcity of Gold Bullion and partly to provide revenue for the king, as Parliament had not renewed the Royal subsidies, this rare issue was minted between 1412 - 1413 A.D. Obverse: + HENRIC DI GRA REX ANGL Z FRANC DNS HYB in short broad lettering around a Shield of arms within a Royal Treasure of eight arches with a 'mullet' on each cusp, QUATREFOIL AND ANNULET either side of shield, lis above. Reverse: Short broad lettering around new arms within a Royal Treasure of eight arches, Lis in centre, STARS AT CORNERS of centre. Previously catagorised by Spink, and North as Extremely Rare, Class B of Henry V, N 1381/2]. Now S 1754 [Spink 2007]. An Extremely rare coin of a scarce Monarch. Very Fine/Good Very Fine condition. Found Yorkshire.

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Henry IV Gold Quarter Noble 007677

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