The Commonwealth & The House of Orange

The Commonwealth
The Commonwealth (A.D. 1649 - 1660)
Oliver Cromwell, born in Huntingdon in 1599, was a strict Puritan with a Cambridge education when he went to London to represent his family in Parliament. He quickly made a name for himself by serving in both the Short Parliament (April 1640) and the Long Parliament (August 1640 through April 1660). Charles surrendered to the Scots, who turned him over to Parliament. By 1646, England was ruled solely by Parliament, although the king was not executed until 1649.

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Commonwealth 'Tower Mint' Halfgroat 023936

Commonwealth 'Tower Mint' Halfgroat
Silver, 0.86 grams, 16.32 mm. 1649-1660 AD. Obverse: arms of England within wreath. Reverse: co-joined arms of England and Ireland with mark of value 'II' above. S. 3221. Good fine.

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Commonwealth 'Tower Mint' Halfgroat 023936

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