Constantius I (AD 305 - AD 306)

The Historia Augusta says Constantius was the son of Eutropius, a noble from northern Dardania in modern Kosovo, and Claudia, a niece of the emperors Claudius II and Quintillus. Under the emperor Carus, he was governor of Dalmatia. In 293 the emperor Diocletian created the Tetrarchy, dividing the Roman Empire into Western and Eastern portions. Each would be ruled by an Augustus, supported by a Caesar. Diocletian became Augustus of the Eastern empire, with Galerius as his Caesar. Constantius was appointed Caesar to the Western Augustus, Maximian, and married Theodora, Maximian's stepdaughter. They had six children. Constantius divorced his first wife (or concubine), Helena, by whom he already had a son, Constantine. In 293, Constantius defeated the forces of Carausius, who had declared himself emperor in Britain and northern Gaul in 286, near Bononia. Carausius was killed by his rationalis Allectus, who took command of Britain until 296, when Constantius sent Asclepiodotus, a prefect of the Praetorian Guard, to invade the island. Allectus was defeated and killed, and Roman rule in Britain restored.

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Constantius I 'Emperor and Jupiter' AE Radiate Fraction 017215

Constantius I 'Emperor and Jupiter' AE Radiate Fraction
Bronze, 2.91 grams, 22.52 mm. Cyzicus. 295-299 AD. Obverse: FL VAL CONSTANTIVS NOB CAES, radiate, cuirassed bust right. Reverse: CONCORDIA M-ILITVM, emperor standing right, receiving Victory on globe from Jupiter, standing left, holding sceptre. Mintmark KB in lower centre. RIC VI Cyzicus 18A; cf Sear 3665. Good extremely fine.

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Constantius I 'Emperor and Jupiter' AE Radiate Fraction 017215

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