Constantius II Barbaric Imitation 005343

Constantius II Barbaric Imitation 005343
Constantius II British Barbaric Imitation 'Fel Temp Barb' AE17
Bronze, 1.59 grams, 16.63 mm. Barbaric, possibly British. approx. 350-356 AD. Obverse: Garbled legend, pearl-diademed, draped and cuirassed bust right with coarse features, exaggerated hairlines and long diadem ties. Reverse: Garbled legend, soldier spearing fallen horseman who is wearing broad-brimmed helmet, seated half upright and reaching backwards; garbled mintmark in exergue. No reference. The somewhat Celtic style of the obverse seems to suggest a British source, rather than the somewhat more artistic styles of "Fel Temp" barbs made in Gaul and Germany. Most such barbaric imitations were produced as a result of the coinage shortage following the coinage reform of 348 AD. Very fine/fine.


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