Corinthian 'Athena and Pegasus' AR Stater 021225

Corinthian 'Athena and Pegasus' AR Stater 021225
Excessively Rare [Unpublished] Corinthian 'Athena and Pegasus' AR Stater
Silver, 8.55 grams, 21.33 mm. Corinth. 400-338 BC. Obverse: no legend, Pegasus, with pointed wing, flying left; koppa below. Reverse: no legend, head of Athena right, wearing Corinthian helmet without crest, over leather cap; no symbols in field. cf Sear 2625-2626 (symbol, Athena head left). Slightly off-struck, otherwise extremely fine. There are no coins listed in BMC, Cop, Ravel, Sear etc with Pegasus with the pointed wing and koppa below flying left AND Athena head right but without any other symbols anywhere. The head right type should have Pegasus either with a curled wing or standing left. The Pegasus flying left type with koppa below should have Athena's head left OR right but with a noticeable symbol in the right field. We have checked every listed Corinth coin (the Koppa is a sign of Corinth) as well as all the other mints in the provinces of Corinth but have not found it. The closest is e.g. BMC 241 which has this obverse and reverse but should have an A and Lambda and a trident all in the right field of the Athena side.
This item was accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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