Cunobelin 001631

Cunobelin 001631
Celtic 'Linear' Cunobelin Gold Stater
Gold, 5.38 grams; 18.21 mm. Plastic type. Horse leaping right, with branch and pellet either side, CVN below. R. CA MV divided by corn ear. VA 1925-1. Celtic Coin Index Registration Number at Oxford University: CCI 04.2648. Extremely fine, gleaming as struck. SOLD

Dr Philip De Jersey writes: "This is an attractive example of the linear type of Cunobelin's corn-ear stater, generally thought to be the first in the series of staters which followed on from the biga issues, and thus probably dating to between about 10 - 20 AD. Comparison with Derek Allen's fundamental work on these coins (published in Britannia, vol. 6, 1975) shows that Allen identified a single example struck from this same obverse die, which was his die I for the linear type. It's easily identifiable because of the large flaw across the lower part of the flan. Since Allen wrote, just three more coins from this obverse die have surfaced, including the example illustrated here. Interestingly there do not appear to be any examples struck from this die without the flaw, which suggests that it might have developed very soon after the die went into use. The reverse of this coin is a little rarer: it's from the same die as the other two relatively recent finds, but from a different die to that coupled with the coin identified by Allen. At the level of individual dies it's thus scarce..."
This item was accompanied by an illustrated Certificate of Authenticity.

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