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King Cunobelin was the son of Tasciovanus, father of Adminius, Togodumnus and Caratacus. He was the most powerful of all the kings that ruled in Britain prior to the Roman invasion. The abbreviated names of the king (CVNO) and the ancient name for Colchester, Camulodunum, (CAMV) are shown on his coins. Cunobelin died around AD 42 shortly before the Roman invasion by Claudius.

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Cunobelin 'Classic Colchester' Gold Celtic Quarter Stater 022792

Stunning Cunobelin 'Classic Colchester' Gold Celtic Quarter Stater
Gold, 1.34 grams, 11.64 mm. Classic Type; 10-40 AD. Obverse: corn ear with central stalk dividing CA/MV, with an unusual unbarred A, a mint signature of Colchester. Reverse: rounded Romanised horse right with wild looking head, branch above and CVNO below over exergual line. S. 296 variant; VA 2038 variant; M. -; BMC -. Extremely fine, beautifully struck in lustrous yellow gold.

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Cunobelin 'Classic Colchester' Gold Celtic Quarter Stater 022792

Cunobelin - A brief history

During the last years of his father's reign, Cunobelin invaded the territory of the Trinovantes and subdued them. He continued to rule over the Trinovantes from Camulodunum [Colchester] and retained his seat of government there when he succeeded to the Catuvellaunian throne upon the death of Tasciovanus circa AD 10. He became 'the first British statesman', and through diplomatic means, probably had his kingship over the joint Catuvellaunian/Trinovantian kingdom ratified by Rome, for some of his later coinage bears the title 'REX'. He continued to rule the combined tribes from Camulodunum for many years, and his capital became the focal point of British politics, learning, issuing of coins and trade.

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