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The Dobunni tribe’s capital was Cornivum Dobvnnirvm which was located at Cirencester, Gloucestershire. The tribal territory was West Oxon, Gloucestershire, North Somerset, Avon and south parts of Hertfordshire and Worcestershire. These were a non Belgic people occupying impressive hillforts with some Belgic influences.

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Dobunni (Mid 1st century B.C. - Mid 1st Century A.D.)

Iron Age Dobunni 'Cotswold Eagle' Triple Tailed Horse Celtic Silver Unit 013806

Iron Age Dobunni ‘Cotswold Eagle’ Triple Tailed Horse Large Flan Celtic Silver Unit
Silver, 1.05 grams, 17.05 mm. Circa AD 20-43? Head type B. WE6. Obverse: celticized moon head right, with pellet crescents for hair, large boss on chin and stalk lips. Reverse: triple-tailed annulet horse left, 'flower' motif below, stylised bird's head above, with annulet in front of chest. References: ABC 2042; VA. 1042 (Corio), BMC 2953-62, Ev.F4, Al.B, M 378, S 377. Very fine on an unusual oblong flan. Found Oxfordshire, UK.

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Iron Age Dobunni 'Cotswold Eagle' Triple Tailed Horse Celtic Silver Unit 013806

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