Domitilla (Died before AD 69)

The wife of Domitian, wife Flavia Domitilla was the daughter of Titus Flavius Vespasianus, a successful Roman general who had played an important role in the Roman invasion of Britain (43 AD) and was consul in AD 51. Domitilla was dead before July 1, AD 69, the day on which her father was proclaimed emperor in Judaea.

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Domitilla 002002

RARE Domitilla 'Fortuna' Denarius
Silver, 3.02 grams, 18.40 mm. Rome. AD 80 - 81. Obverse: DIVA DOMITILLA AVGVSTA in retrograde; draped bust of Domitilla right. Reverse: FORTVNA AVGVSTA; Fortuna standing left; holding rudder and cornucopiae; normal variety ends AVGVST without the A. RIC Titus 71 variant; RCV 2888 variant [Books £5,000.00 in Very Fine]. Very fine/good fine with a nice bust. The normal variety is recorded as extremely rare (R4) in RIC - up to 5 specimens known, this variety may be unpublished.

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Domitilla 002002

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